The Art Adventure program is an exploration of the visual arts that begins in Kindergarten and culminates with a 5th Grade field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. Our goal is for the children to understand that art is fun, accessible and a very individual means of expression.

How It Works:

  • Parent volunteers bring reproductions of Master artworks provided to them into the classroom.
  • The volunteer guides the class through a discussion about the artistic concepts exemplified in the pieces, the artists’ background and gives a little history on the pieces themselves.
  • At the end of each presentation, the volunteer guides the class through a brief hands-on activity designed to reinforce the concepts discussed.
  • The presentations are scripted so there is no requirement to have knowledge of art. Prints, visual aids and background materials about the artists are provided.

Committee Information

If you would like to learn more about the Art Adventure program click on the link to our FAQ document or contact our committee at